Initial Sessions

At the first session I will conduct an interview to gather information about your reason for seeking services and some background information.  Forms are available on this site under the Forms tab, or I will email them to you.  Some forms which require your signature will need to be done via hard copy and others are available as smart forms which you can complete and email to me.  Please complete these forms when we make the first appointment time.  Forms are listed according to the type of client seeking services.  Adults seeking services for themselves will fill out different forms than adults seeking services for their children.   I will need to collect a photo ID from you as well as a copy of your insurance card if you wish me to bill your insurance for services.

At the first session for children, I ask that parent or parents come alone to conduct the first intake session. I do this in order to gather the information and background most readily and for parents to have their questions answered.¬† This often leaves little time for the child.¬† There can be content during this initial session that may not be appropriate for the child to hear, and making your child wait in the waiting room for the better part of an hour does not provide the most positive first impression; therefore I try to avoid that.¬† Most of the time, children do not request the services of a counselor or therapist‚ÄĒit is an adult who often seeks this for the child.¬† Therefore, I strive to have the child get the best first impression possible, which includes the knowledge that their parent(s) has ‚Äúchecked me out‚ÄĚ and have given their approval for the child to attend sessions with me.

At the first session for an adolescent, DO bring them with you.  It is typical for an adolescent to mistrust adults in general, and to even further mistrust a process where they are expected to be forthcoming about personal information yet have no ownership in beginning the process.  Therefore, it is very important that the adolescent client be given the respect of being included in the first session, even if they are reluctant and resistant to the idea of engaging in psychotherapy.

Adult clients usually come alone, though if you wish you may bring someone along to help you with the process if that makes you more comfortable.

During the initial sessions, we will work together to develop goals and objectives that are based upon the problem areas you identify.  I will help you with this, but it is important to understand that your input is essential to this process.  After that, I will employ a variety of techniques to help meet those goals.